We are almost heading back to Hungary, but first we would like to share some precious moments from our furlough with you. Besides all presentations and meetings that are part of our work we also met a lot of friends and family. There were some surprises and parties also, so we will show you some of that in this blog.

Lea turned 16 this year! A high tea with our HomeFront Team; sleeping over with cousins.

The dikes, the sea and the beach: lovely to be there. And whether it ’s cold or not: we had to go for a swim!

A date with one brother and sister in law turned out to a meeting with Prisca’s entire family (nine brothers and sisters with their families and the parents); that was a big surprise and a great party!

The biggest surprise of all was that our dog turned out to be pregnant; she got four puppies. All went well, and the girls are very happy. Thanks to a befriended vet they all have their passports already and can go with us to Hungary.