‘Hessel, would you please play something on the piano, it always makes the children quiet!’

The teachers at the After School Program have their hands full when the children are preparing to go home, usually they ‘re quite noisy. The piano in the hall brings relief, when Hessel after the English lessons that he has given to the children, just plays something on it. The children gather around him, and in that way a nice tradition is being born. Hessel decides to translate a blessing song into Hungarian and to teach this to the children, so they can sing it together before they go home. God’s blessing we want to give to these children!

Also to you we want to wish you God’s blessing for the coming Christmas season and for the New Year! Don’t forget to look around you to those, for whom this time of year is not easy. Let ’s not just get stuck in how we ‘re used to do things, but share His love whereever we can. Much love from Hungary from all of us.