In between all things that need to be arranged for our trip we even write a blog also.
Next to packing, cleaning and arranging there is also a goodbye again.

We say goodbye to our Dutch friends from Debrecen, who have to move back to the Netherlands again, we will miss them. Earlier we already had to say goodbye because of the virus, but now they are back here in Hungary for a short while to pack their stuff. We made some beautiful last memories and help them to move, and then we ‘ll say goodbye.

Luckily we will be able to go on furlough to the Netherlands this year. There is a number of church services where we can participate in and minister, but it doesn’t seem possible to do any presentations. Because of the rules that are still valid in churches there would not be enough space to make it into an invitation. We will keep you posted by blogs and through Facebook of all that we encounter. Even the summer camps for the children were canceled for this summer, which is quite a pity, of course.

This summer┬á we hope to see where Gerrit will be living as a student in Amersfoort, and we will also help him to get his finances done for his year of Bible School there. Because there is no government support for this Bible School it seems to us like an impossible challenge, but we believe in a great God who will lead is in this also. Gerrit has found a nice job on Urk for this summer, and we will also take Hungarian souvenirs again to sell, and the money will go to Gerrit’s study this year. You will hear more on this soon.

We look forward to go to the Netherlands and hopefully we will many of you soon!

Blessings from Hungary!