As you might have read in the previous blog I had an accident with the car in Romania in October last year. I crashed into a truck, and the front of the car was totally ruined. God however provided miraculously, not only in transportation home by means of a good friend who picked me up, but also in financial means to have the car fixed again.

That happened through the church in Zuidlaren; they ‘ve been selling on the traditional market there and collected money in that way. We had just calculated how much the repair would cost, when we got their message, that this amount was exactly the result of their selling also! Very grateful and deep respect!

However, now it seems that we will no longer be able to use this car, because the foundation that owns it will be needing it shortly. That is a bummer for us, because we now live outside of Debrecen, and only for school we already need a car every day. Next to that, I need transportation practically every day for my work in Roma communities.

When I shared this with a friend and colleague of mine, who is also working in Roma ministry and with whom I work together a lot nowadays, he told me that his foundation is planning to buy a vehicle for their mission work, which I also can use whenever I need it. When I heard this, I was stunned! Hardly a week ago I heard that I will probably have to miss my current means of transportation, and now already a new solution is there! I think we can rightfully call that a miracle.

What I am trying to say with this is: before we start worrying about things and how it will have to go, let ’s first see if God perhaps has a plan already. Usually He has better solutions than we do. And I hadn’t even been praying about it yet…