CHE conferentie

In the beginning of October we had the annual meeting of CHE workers in Eastern and Central Europe. These are always very encouraging and inspiring events: even the fact that we are together with so many people from very different countries, but all with the same purpose: to serve the Roma people through wholistic mission and help them develop througt that.

This time it was a special meeting, not only because of the beautiful location at the Albanian seashore of the Adriatic, but also because of the contents of the conference. Someone from DMM (Disciple Making Movement) spoke about the work of this movement and about how its principles could help spread CHE in Roma communities.

One of CHE’s core values is that people take responsability for their own development and use the gifts that God has given them. But on the way we found out that Roma many times are so tangled up in a mixture of problems, that it seems impossible to start working on something of a solution. Now the principles of DMM offer a great key that could open this lock: DMM focuses on making disciples through very simple Bible study. Only after a person’s relationship with God has been restored, the other relationships – with yourself, with others, with creation – can also start getting restored. The first one is prerequisite for the other three. This simple way of Bible study is called: discovery Bible study: not just discover what is written in the Bible, but also practically putting it into practice and passing it on to others.

For me personally this conference was an eye-opener: teaching in itself is not bad, but knowledge alone does not change a person’s life. For that true obedience to God’s voice is necessary. So from now on I will focus on that in my teaching to Roma: in what way does God want me to change my life? And how can I share from this with people around me?