Sometimes it just suddenly is there, without anouncement: homesickness.

For the tulip fields back home, for my family with Easter, for the church in Zuidlaren, for taking a stroll around the harbour in Urk.

But luckily it was just a little this time, and the last time I had it was quite a while ago.

In fact it made me more aware of what was going on around me: the special meaning of Easter and the reason why we live here.

A nice bouquet of tulips from the supermarket also made up for a lot of it.

It was a blessing to be together as a family, to ponder upon Easter and to celebrate in a special service that Jesus is alive. Hessel was preaching and Gerrit translated it. For Easter Monday our Dutch friends here had the nice idea to organize a picnic. Anyone who wanted to come was welcome, so we had a lovely time with Hungarians, Americans and Dutch people. In the short film below, that Danny, our Dutch friend made, you can get an impression of it.