I also want to be a missionary! Those were my sister’s words when she came in our nice dwelling for three weeks during our furlough. The neigbors of my other sister went on vacation and during that time we could stay in their house. It was a lovely place to be and having a sister as a neighbor for a while was a gift.

Meanwhile we got back in Hungary after five weeks in the Netherlands, and it felt as if we drove from home to home: two places where we belong. On the way we are always a bit quiet, and yet we all felt like going back home again. The Netherlands, family and friends were good to us again and we enjoyed. ‘Are we going to eat a little more healthy again once we get home?’, one of our girls asked before we left. And we will, after all the sweet indulgences over there.

The presentations in Urk and Zuidlaren were nice meeting moments and Hessel dug a little deeper into the theme of poverty, which sometimes seems to be a many headed monster that seems invincible. We were encouraged by the all people who are involved in our mission work. In Zeeland we were pampered with a whole weekend for the two of us around the presentation in the church of Zierikzee. Also the moments we had together as a family were enjoyable; with the six of us we went to Utrecht to visit the city where Gerrit is studying. Or visiting the restaurant where Gerrit works as a waiter. The girls also found some holiday jobs.

Like every summer our furlough was an intensive period, in which we had many social contacts in little time, but meanwhile we also enjoyed it. We returned back home safely and stepped back into our everyday life here. Lea already did her first preparing exam and school will start for all of our three girls this week. We are working out plans for Hessel’s new role within CHE and catching up with already exisiting contacts. We ‘re getting used to our new home and choose to live every day in gratitude and dependence towards our heavenly Father.

This summer we received a book with the Psalms in our own dialect, and that goes deep, when it ’s written in your heart’s language. Therefore I want to close off with a verse from Psalm 100:3: “Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture”.