In Hajdúböszörmény there is a small Roma church that we go to every Tuesday, as an outreach from our church in Debrecen. Usually we go with a team of five or six people, but this time we were only with three, including Imi, our Roma neighbor. We pray and sing together, then the adults and the children split up. On the way in the car I got to hear that I was to lead the children’s program… This kind of planning occurs more often.

I decided to take the Scripture about the clever and the dumb builder from the Sermon on the Mount. Quite a serious passage about not only listening to what Jesus says, but also doing it. However, it seemed as if it did not at all connect with the children. Afterwards I said to Imi: ‘I could as well have been talking to the walls’. His response was: “Indeed, but the Word of God never returns to him void’. Besides, when I decided to quit the Bible study, the children begged if we could please sing that song from last week once more. One song that we use to sing in other Roma churches I had found on Youtube and had shown that to them.

I had also printed out the lyrics, so they could learn it for themselves. And that time they wanted to see and sing it again, and again. One of the children said: ‘If I will hear it one more time, I will get tears in my eyes’. Imi, who knows by experience in what kind of situation these children are in, had to open up my eyes for the fact that God actually didn’t need any teaching from my part this time, but that He was able to touch the hearts of these children by a song.
“Here I am now, Lord, for you I sing this song.I know that I have sought you many times,but this time it’s different.Because now I don’t ask you to give me something,I don’t beseech you to watch over me,I just want to tell you that I love you”.