When we got back to our home in Hungary after a six week stay in Holland, it turned out that our garden had turned into a jungle. The grass was more than half a meter high, the street was overgrown with weeds and everywhere branches barred the way.

The day after our arrival I started out making some order in the chaos, when our Roma neighbour drove by. He welcomed us back in Hungary and asked how bad it was with the grass in the back. Very bad, I said. Then he offered to help, since he has a professional grass trimmer. Soon one of the neigbour’s boys came over with indeed a very serious grass trimmer around his neck, one on gasoline and with a chain as a trimmer.

The jungle was trimmed quickly, and when the boy was done and about to leave I asked him if he was a believer. Yes, he said, just like his mum. He had two brothers, who unfortunately had gone astray and were in prison now, but she prayed for them every day. When I said I would bring some money the next day, he said that his cousin (our neigbour) did not want that and even would be offended. When I supposed that I then would bring over a pie he happily accepted.

I honestly must confess that I had not expected this kindness and help from our neigbours. We sometimes complain about them because they can be noisy with their music or park in front of our gate. But here I was pleasantly surprised and happy with this turn in our relationship. Who knows what this means for the future, we look forward to what God will do!