We would like to introduce you to Daniel. He is an enthousiastic Roma pastor in three Roma churches within the network of Gypsy Mission Foundation.  Hessel met him this year through this foundation, and he was impressed by his enthouiasm and love for God.

Daniel only has education until seventh grade, that ’s the reason why for example he can’t get his driving licensce. This doesn’t keep him back, however, to enthousiastically share God’s love with others. We share a short movie that Hessel recorded when he visited Daniel. In the film daniel says the following:

“In 2007 I came here, God has called me to be a pastor in this church. I do my best to serve diligently. The church has around 40 to 50 members. It is well noticable that the lives of Roma change when come to faith in Christ. Their everyday life changes through it. In another village we also had meetings at someone’s house; people came to faith and because the local municipality started to notice the difference in the lives of the people, they offered us a place to keep our services, because they noticed this positive difference with the Roma”.

Daniel ends with his desire that through the work in the church more and more people will come to faith in Jesus Christ.