Some time ago during a CHE-training we watched the movie ‘War room’ on a free evening. It ’s a movie about the importance and the power of prayer. Definitly to be recommended for those who haven’t seen it yet!

This movie was an incentive for us as a team to start praying together weekly. Even though we are in different places in the world, thanks to computer techniques we can now at a set time come together and pray together, for each other and for the work. Right now it takes quite some figuring out, because not only people from Hungary and Serbia take part, but also from the US and from Australia. When we pray here on Monday evening then for the Americans it ’s early in the afternoon, whereas the Australians have early Tuesday morning already.

This movie made us realize that we are at the front line of God’s Kingdom. And that we we really have to deal with dark, evil forces. CHE aims at the restoration of God’s plan in the lives of people and in communities, and the power of darkness is not pleased with that. It wants to keep people captive in misery, poverty and brokenness.

The bible shows us what our strategy should be in order to be effective in missions; the most important thing in that is prayer. Through that the power of heaven comes down to earth.

From ourselves we are powerless against the overwhelming forces of poverty and brokenness and the hopelessness that brings. We clearly see the spiritual forces of darkness behind all this. But Jesus declares that He has come to this world to heal brokenness (Luc. 4, 18-19). And that right now He still does that through those who believe in Him (John 14, 12-14). But only through prayer (Marc 9,29). Even the evil spirits have flee for that.

That is why we pray together. Not to get things done from God, but to focus on Jesus. Because we are weak, and we want His power through us and in us. Because we want to see the recovery of His Kingdom come, around us and through us. Will you pray with us?