Hessel’s eyes keep resting upon our 15 year old daughter, after he has told about what he experienced today, and he sighs: ‘What a huge difference it makes where you are being born’. We are sitting at the table together for our evening meal and Hessel has told about his day in the new Roma community where he is working. Together with his Roma colleague they are visiting families to get a view of the community. Through a community worker there who knows everybody they have had several special meetings already.

That day also they were on the street talking to a lady who wanted to see the community worker. At some distance there stood a young woman waiting. When they called her to come closer, it turned out she didn’t feel well at all, and the next moment she collapsed on the street. The older lady explained that she is pregnant, and that it has probably to do with that. It turned out she didn’t eat yet this morning, and after she came in and ate something, a small talk developed. It appeared that she is only 15 years old and pregnant from a married man, who is already a father. She counts on it that he will choose for her. She now lives with her grandfather together with her younger brother; mom and dad who are no longer together are totally out of sight.

When Hessel asks a bit more, it turns out she has no idea of the what is about to happen to her. He grabs a paper and draws an outline of the timetable for the next few months. She looks at him perplexed and carefully puts away the paper. She ‘s a very pretty girl, but her eyes are cold and hide a deep emtiness. Her story touches us all, especially because we have three sweet daughters ourselves, who can grow up in a totally different situation. We would want her also to have a stable place where she can receive help and love. We pray that God will open doors to help her and we ask if He will guide us to be wise and decisive in that.